Handcrafted Glass Products

Glass Eye Studio

Glass Eye StudioThe Glass Eye Studio design approach is "Teamwork". Our team strives for innovative, affordable and leading-edge glass design. We incorporate the visions of our customers, designers, sales staff and glass blowers in our approach to design.

Every six months we add 60 new products. We make an intense effort at new product lines resulting from customer feedback and exploration of 'century old' glass forming techniques. The design effort is managed under the direction of Dale Leman.

The Northwest is a great place to design and blow glass. Cool temperatures moderate the tremendous heat produced when working glass. Artists recognize the benefit of our climate and moved in mass to the Seattle area. This combined with the draw of Pilchuck Glass School has created a wonderful pool of glass artists with whom we work.

Kevin Robert Gray

Kevin Robert GrayKevin Robert Gray has enjoyed a successful glass career for over twenty-five years. His glass art has been shown in many group and solo exhibitions internationally.

Kevin's work combines precious metals and recycled crystal glass. His glass art is found in many private, corporate, government and museum collections. He has also completed numerous large-scale architectural glass installations and corporate commissions.

Kevin owns his own studio and gallery located in the historic village of Merrickville, Ontario.

"I have always been attracted to glass for its intrinsic beauty and the performance of the material. After 25 years of working with glass, it still remains artistically and professionally exciting."

Luke Adams

Luke AdamsLuke Adams was born in Cambridge Massachusetts, and discovered his love of drawing at an early age.  Wanting to focus his career in art, Luke attended The Massachusetts college of Art.  His design interests ranged from photography to jewelry to bronze casting; however he quickly was drawn to glasswork.  There he was given a rare opportunity to work for and study with some of the most talented artists in the country.

Peggy Karr Glass

Peggy Karr GlassEach piece of Peggy Karr Glass undergoes a thorough cleaning and inspection before it can bear our distinctive inscription, 'PKG'. 

In this era of automation and cookie-cutter art, Peggy Karr has taken the best of both worlds and created a modern manufacturing atmosphere to support a beautiful hand decorated product. Supplying the nation's demand for functional art, "Handmade in America" is our goal.

Brightly decorated serving pieces, display pieces, ornaments and small occasional tables are the mainstays of our business. Whether it's a design rich with the beauty of nature or one filled with the whimsy of a holiday season, the use of pattern and color in this unique medium is without compare.

Robert Held

Robert Held

"Being physical with color and form is my love. After experimenting with many different media, I discovered glass and was instantly captivated. The clarity of the glass, the roar of the furnaces, the heat, and even the constant danger were all factors that influenced my choice of this difficult yet beautiful medium.

Glassblowing allows me to explore both painterly concerns and my fascination with surface decoration, while continuing to challenge the other physical and creative skills required to take the vessel shape in ever new directions.

My intimate relationship (talking to) the hot glass, the laying on of colors, layer upon layer, the addition of textures through broken glass shards, threads of molten glass and other techniques, is an incomparable experience. This fickle, molten mass will allow itself to be coaxed only by those who know its language.

I strive to create pieces that provide both a tactile and visual pleasure. It is through this experience that I can share my passion for glass with the world."

Virgil's Art Glass

Virgil's Art Glass

Virgil's Art Glass makes hand blown glass witches balls, fairy balls, ornaments, friendship balls, floats, garden orbs, and yard balls in 64+ colors and fumed with a mother-of-pearl luster.

Glass Witches Balls have been used for home protection against evil spirits and witches spells for centuries. The bad spirits are drawn into the beauty of the glass and are snared in the strands inside protecting the home from harm!!

Fairy Balls attract and delight fairies with wonderful colors. The "bridges" of glass inside convey the good feelings from the fairy and bring the owner luck.